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Tough Anecdotes

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Anybody , Moderated
This site is for toughies only. That means that if you have never woken up hungry for nails and thirsty for gasoline, youre probably not cut out to post tough anecdotes. On that note, this place is for anecdotes about shit that happened that was fucking tough.

If you want to become a member of toughies only, make a post that includes this information:
1: A short explanation of why your consitution is nothing other then fucking steel nails.
2: At least one oath to forever fight for or against any particular idea, person, government entity, etc.
3: A picture. It doesn't matter what the picture is, but we will judge you based on your choice of picture as we see fit.
4: One paragraph (5 sentences) telling us about yourself. Tell us anything about yourself, the important part is that this paragraph needs to have perfect grammatical structure, spelling, and punctuation. Any atrocious errors may lead to automatic disqualification.

Applicants will be voted on over a 24 hour period. After that 24 hour period, if 50% or more of the votes are positive, that person is accepted in to the toughies_only community.

I crown myself king of this community. I will now lay down some holy law to weed out applicants who would never have made it in anyway.

1: Girls applying will recieve 35% penalty versus the vote. That means that instead of recieving a 50% vote, they will need to recieve an 85% vote. This is not only because I am sexist but also to account for the fact that many toughies may falter due to the standard woman's sneaky and vile seductive techniques used to turn a toughie away from the path of true steel. This also means that the smallest number of people that will need to vote in order for a woman to be accepted would be 8, given that I will probably vote nay in this circumstance.

I think thats all.